Project “Caminho das Águas”

FORTALEZA Community is located on the Sao Gabriel’s Settlement Project in Capixaba county in the state of Acre, under the direction of Master Counsellor Luiz Mendes do Nascimento. We have an area of 82 hectares of primary forest, bathed by the Igarapé Traíra and Rio Xipamano. We are a community that among other principles seeks to follow and disseminate the teachings of Master Irineu, Patron of our doctrine.

FORTALEZA Community was founded in 1998 by people who decided to change their way of living, seeking a stronger connection with their surroundings, practicing the principles taught by Mestre Irineu such as love, the praising of nature, and respect for the forest, which is the home of divine beings.

A process that is being built step by step. On this path we face many challenges such as lack of roads, malaria disease and the mission of building the necessary infrastructure to transform FORTALEZA in a place capable of sheltering with simplicity all of those who intend to come visit.

There have been many achievements: the constructions of our church, houses, accommodation for visitors, the arrival of electricity, the healing of many patients who come to us seeking treatment for physical and spiritual illnesses, as well as experiences with people from different backgrounds that contribute to the development of this new way of living in harmony with the forest.

The flow of visitors becomes more intense during the Encounter for the New Horizon, an ecumenical festival lasting about 15 days, from 30 December to 14 January. A true family that increases year by year. In 2016, its fifteenth edition, nearly 350 people were registered at the festival.

On the other hand, the whole area around FORTALEZA has been deforested and is under the domain of the meat production chain. With investments that do not stop growing, meat producers and agribusiness crops are increasing the pressure on the forest.

In this dramatic scenario, FORTALEZA plays a key role in preserving local biodiversity, being a remnant of the original Amazon forest that existed there, working as a natural refuge for wild plants and animal life.

To receive our brothers with more comfort, we identified some points that need to be improved in the physical community structure. Among those, the need to build an artesian well, improvement in the structure of the distribution of water and construction of an area with showers, toilets and tanks. With this purpose, a campaign is being launched to enable the project: Water Road.

The water runs through all ecosystems and, in its way, carries everything. The river Xipamano is the main watercourse in the FORTALEZA community, river that runs through the Brazilian, Peruvian and Bolivian rainforests. However, it is constantly threatened by the removal of wood from its riparian vegetation, as well as by contamination with pesticides and waste. To maintain the environmental conditions in balance and to preserve the forest should be a duty of all who care about the continuity of life on Earth. And the best way to start doing something is to take care of our water sources.

In addition to ensuring the healthy growth of the Encounter, the Water Road Project will have fundamental importance in irrigation of Jagube and Rainha crops, as well as vegetable and medicinal plant beds. Today we already have about 3000 Rainhas and 300 Jagubes.

The Water Road project prioritises environmental sustainability, since it foresees the implementation of a rainwater collection system and treatment of effluents arising from toilets, through the construction of ecological cesspools.

The Water Road project is the first step for urgent and necessary measures to ensure the regular supply of water and also extraordinary demands, such as those that occur during the Encounter for the New Horizon and the June Festival. Nonetheless, a long-term proposal is to promote an environmental management program integrated with water as an essential and primary factor of care with nature.

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