The Encounter for the New Horizon


The Fortaleza Community has organized every year since 2000 an ecumenical Santo Daime festival called the Encounter for the New Horizon. This event has brought together people from around the world, such as the United States, Canada, European countries and Africa. It has also brought together people from various regions of Brazil, such as São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and many other Brazilian states in the Northeast, South and Central West regions.

It is a ten-day meeting in which sacred rituals of the Santo Daime Doctrine are conducted according to the legacy of the Master Founder, Raimundo Irineu Serra. The program of this event includes sessions of Concentration, official celebrations, Works in the forest, healing Works, leisure, cultural gatherings and entertainment. It is with great satisfaction and joy that Master Counselor Luiz Mendes, his entire family and the irmandade receive friends, brothers & sisters and all sympathizers in the Fortaleza Community.


For more information, please contact
Julio +55 68 99255-2120,
Ana Emylli +55 68 99248 2612 or
Suzirene +55 68 99203 9119